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Mental Capacity Act

Lasting Power of Attorney

to appoint trusted person(s) to manage one's welfare and finances in the event of mental incapacity

Court application to be appointed as Deputy to manage the welfare and finances of the mentally incapacitated person 

Power of Attorney 

E.g. to buy, sell or rent HDB flats or private properties 

Property Conveyancing

Sale & Purchase of residential,

commercial and

industrial properties

Mortgage Redemption

Mortgage Refinancing

Severance of joint tenancy

Transmission and Transfer of property after owner's death

Transfer of properties

after divorce


Adoption of Singapore child

Adoption of foreign child

Adoption of stepchild

Deed Poll

To change name or 

add Christian name


Drafting Wills

Apply for Grant of Probate or

Grant of Letters of Administration

to obtain inheritance


Deed of Separation


Custody of children


Division of matrimonial assets


Mediation of family matters and other disputes

Oath & Notarial Services

Witnessing, certifying and notarizing documents for local and overseas use